How to Get Involved


As Co-Presidents of the Hunnewell School PTO, we are excited to support the entire Hunnewell faculty and staff throughout the 2021-22 school year. Whether your family is new to Hunnewell or you are a Hunnewell veteran, we hope you all feel a sense of enthusiasm and community as we journey through this school year together.

Our activities and efforts throughout the year will be designed to further the PTO’s long-standing mission:

  • Enriching the educational experience of all our children;

  • Providing financial and volunteer support for the activities and needs of the school; and

  • Enhancing communication between home, school, and community groups.

We meet formally five times per year. Otherwise, we conduct most PTO business through our primary communication vehicle – Hunnewell Happenings – which is emailed weekly on Sunday evenings.

Our school community is strengthened when we share our talents and work together toward the common goal of bettering our children’s educational experience. As a parent of a Hunnewell student, you are automatically a member of the PTO and we encourage you to get involved.

You can also reach us at any time at​

Warm regards,

Jen and Brittany

Co-Presidents, Hunnewell School PTO


The Hunnewell School PTO relies on the engagement and commitment of parents to enhance our children's school. You are already a member of the Hunnewell School PTO, a member who can bring energy and ideas (big or small) to our community. Our school community is strengthened when we share our talents and work together toward the common goal of bettering our children's educational experience. If you are interested in an open position or in helping more generally, please contact the Co-Presidents at

PTO Board


Provide strategic oversight of all PTO programming and budgeting, liaison between Principal and PTO volunteers, facilitate PTO board meetings, and represent Hunnewell at town-wide meetings including Central Council and meetings with WPS Superintendent.

  • Jennifer Mock

  • Brittany Barber

Vice President

Support the PTO and Co-Presidents as needed. Main responsibilities include recruiting and managing room parents for each classroom, coordinating thank you note correspondence, managing school supply program, and helping to recruit volunteers for various events.

  • Kelly Gay

  • Heather Conway


Oversee all Hunnewell PTO finances, including vendor payments, volunteer reimbursements, tax preparation, updates to the PTO board, annual fund, and budget support.

  • Casey Bechtel


Publish and manage the online and paper versions of the Hunnewell directory and maintain PTO board meeting minutes.

  • Lisa Richardson

  • Allison Shirley


Produce PTO’s weekly newsletter, Hunnewell Happenings, and PTO e-blasts. Work with website coordinator to ensure content is up to date.

  • Dana Chaffee

  • OPEN

Creative Arts & Sciences

Lead a committee to plan school-wide and grade-level programming such as assemblies, workshops and in-house residencies that support the curriculum including performers, scientists, authors, and artists.

  • Cara Whiting

  • Cristina Hoff


Lead a committee to plan and execute fundraising events and programs throughout the year to meet PTO fundraising goals (excluding the annual appeal and auction/parent party).

  • Megan Ahonen


Lead a committee to plan and throw Hunnewell’s social events throughout the year, as listed below. Solicit volunteers from community to staff the events.

  • Amy Sussman

  • Britt Estwanik

Community Coordinators


Help welcome the incoming kindergarten class at the parent orientation and student screening in the spring. Organize back-toschool popsicle party and parent coffee in the fall.

  • Brooke Salosovich

  • Jessica Madon

5th Grade

Plan and coordinate a class gift to the school, organize graduation celebrations, and work with yearbook committee on fifth grade section.

  • Chrissy McMahon

  • OPEN

New Family Host Program

Help welcome new families by matching them with a host family mentor and organizing back-to-school new family picnic.

  • Tiina Gander

  • Allison Shirley


Provide ongoing support and maintenance of Hunnewell PTO website.

  • OPEN

Enrichment Programming

BOKS (Build our Kids' Success)

Coordinate before-school activity and exercise program.

  • OPEN (2-3)

Creative Arts & Sciences

Manage all CAS programming for a grade-level.

  • Kindergarten: Jess Madon

  • 1st Grade: Greta Finkle

  • 2nd Grade: Betsy Fisher

  • 3rd Grade: Miriam Gates

  • 4th Grade: Maggie Tushman

  • 5th Grade: Vickie Batka

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Plan and execute events to support diversity, equity, and inclusion at Hunnewell, through cultural programming such as assemblies, heritage celebrations, and performances.

  • Niki Ofenloch

  • Jenny Kim

  • Liz Licata

Hunnewell Helps

Plan and lead community service programs at Hunnewell and in our broader community throughout the school year (e.g. grounds clean-up, food/toy drives, Spread the Bread).

  • Jeannie Liou

  • Andrea Gardos

Hunnewell Hive

Oversee 4th and 5th graders in developing and publishing the school newspaper to enhance literacy, communication, and media knowledge.

  • Kate Wallace

  • Sam Lacey


Plan and execute literacy events, including annual author visit, and activities to support literacy at Hunnewell (e.g. shared library) in support of district curriculum.

  • Sue Mangiacotti

Author Visit

  • Naz Hassanein

  • Sue Mangiacotti

Book Fair

  • Liz Licata​

Green Team

Plan and lead activities to encourage environmentally sound practices at Hunnewell (e.g. litter-less lunches, green certified classrooms, recycling); liaise with town-wide green team.

  • Jon Mantak

  • OPEN

Outdoor Club

Plan and lead 2-3 activities to encourage students to explore the outdoors.

  • OPEN (2)


Plan and execute events to support STEM at Hunnewell (e.g. astronomy night, STEM museum).

  • Miriam Gates

  • OPEN

Walk to School

Help PE teacher set up for monthly walk to school days by staffing the walker sign in table, greeting students, and collecting signatures.

  • OPEN (2)


Plan and lead production of annual Hunnewell yearbook by working with the yearbook vendor, 5th grade coordinators, and photographers, among others.

  • Jenny Kim

  • Kristen Coogan

  • Niki Ofenloch



Lead a committee to plan and throw an adult-only party and Hunnewell’s largest single fundraiser. All money raised supports PTO programming at Hunnewell.

  • N/A

  • N/A

Fun Fair

Lead a committee to plan and throw a child-friendly carnival for both the school community and town during Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend offering food, rides, and games on the Hunnewell grounds.

  • Lesley Prowda

  • Julie Bryan


Support fundraising chairs in procuring and selling Hunnewell gear.

  • Megan Ahonen

  • Ricki Benjamin

Original Works

Work with art teacher to help coordinate orders of student art creations and gifts.

  • Vickie Batka

Teacher/Staff Raffle

Lead and execute annual raffle where teachers and staff offer their own personal time and resources to students to raise money for Hunnewell.

  • Molly Bruni

Room Parents

We are in need of two room parents per classroom. Volunteering as a room parent is a great way to get involved at Hunnewell!

Responsibilities include:

  • Support the classroom teacher as needed. You may be called upon occasionally to organize classroom readers or volunteers. Check in with teachers a few times a year to see if they need anything.

  • Organize grade-level parent volunteers for PTO social and community events.

  • Organize a year-end class gift for the classroom teacher, teaching assistants and specialists. Please note that room parents are not responsible for organizing a holiday class gift in December.

  • Serve as a liaison between the PTO and the classroom parents. You will primarily be asked to forward emails from the PTO to your class.

  • Attend (ideally, two) PTO meetings. We encourage room parents to attend PTO Meetings, which occur every other month throughout the school year, to represent the interests of your grade and participate in planning discussions.


  • KJM: Elizabeth Lange & Angela Orfanos

  • KDM: Joanne Blotner & Joanna Troy

1st Grade

  • 1B: Dara Brigham & LIllian Lau

  • 1M: Deb McConnell & Anna Ballard

2nd Grade

  • 2LC: Cara Whiting & Eric Fudeman

  • 2MC: Cristina Hoff & Chrissy McMahon

3rd Grade

  • 3D: Liz Licata & Alina Lungeanu

  • 3M: Amy Braz & Kathleen Grandin

4th Grade

  • 4C: Crisina Hoff & Pam Yanakopulos

  • 4P: Hannah Carlozzi & Lesley Prowda

5th Grade

  • 5H: Sarah Cropp & Erin Staley

  • 5S: Clara Cokonis & Open


Ice Cream Social

Plan and execute back-to-school ice cream event.

  • Mary Lawton

  • OPEN

Ice Skating Party

Coordinate with Babson College to plan winter ice skating event.

  • OPEN

Staff and Grounds


Coordinate with Hunnewell staff and outside vendor to help maintain gardens and planters around the school. Solicit volunteers and lead Hunnewell Beautification Day in the fall, and provide ongoing support and maintenance throughout the year.

  • Chelsea Sebastian

Staff Appreciation

Plan and provide food for Hunnewell teachers and staff at various times during the year including back to school lunch/dinner, last day of school lunch, and teacher appreciation snacks.

  • Suzanne Manley

  • Lilla Nelson

Town-Wide Programming

Committee 21 Representative

Represent Hunnewell on the town-wide committee to support the goals and needs of Wellesley Public Schools. Majority of effort focused on town budgeting process.

  • Sue Mangiacotti

Hunnewell Building Project Liaison

  • Niki Ofenloch


Serve as liaison to the METCO Family Friends Council and foster strong relationships between Boston and Wellesley families by communicating events and promoting monthly playdates with family friends. Match family friends to new incoming METCO students and oversee previous matchings.

  • Chrissy McMahon

POPS (Parents of Performing Students) Representative

  • OPEN


Serve as the Hunnewell representative for the town-wide Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF program.

  • Amy Braz

WEF Spelling Bee Hunnewell Team

Represent Hunnewell at the annual Wellesley Education Foundation spelling bee fundraiser.

  • Christen Deveney

  • Kathleen Stevens

  • Michelle Shaw

Wellesley Wonderful Weekend Parade Float

Build the Hunnewell School float for the town parade.

  • OPEN