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As one of seven elementary schools in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Hunnewell serves a community of approximately 220 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Hunnewell supports a rigorous academic program that emphasizes hard work, joyful engagement, social responsibility, and authentic relationships.  

Hunnewell both supports the district identity and forges its own culture as a distinct subset of the larger educational community. As such, we have made progress on affective school goals around childhood resilience, gender and racial equity, positive group and individual behavior, creativity, environmental stewardship, and intellectual curiosity.

With an outstanding professional staff and actively engaged and generous parents, Hunnewell is a thriving and dynamic community committed to the success of our students as capable learners and caring citizens. 

CARE Values

Hunnewell's core values are represented by the acronym CARE.

C: Community

A: Acceptance

R: Respect

E: Effort toward excellence

These values are nurtured by school-wide expectations that underscore diversity of opinion and experience, tenacity, open and honest communication, respectful behavior, and artistic expression.


September 2013 marked the 75th anniversary of the opening of Hunnewell on Cameron Street. Technically, it was the start of Hunnewell's 144th consecutive school year. There were two schoolhouses of that same name that predate the current building. The first one was built in 1870.